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penile implant surgery

penile implant surgery

Have you been struggling with Erectile Dysfunction and haven't found success with any treatment options?

A Penile Implant may be the solution.

Penile Implant Surgery involves the surgical placement of a medical device, typically made of silicone or another material, into the penis to enable an erection. 

The urological surgeons at Restore Urology have years of experience performing this procedure and thousands of men have found a solution to ED. So if you are experiencing ED, and aren’t satisfied with other treatment options such as medications and injections, we can help.

We are able to hear your concerns, answer your questions and help determine if this is a viable option for you.

What is a Penile Implant?

There are two types of Penile Implants: inflatable and malleable.

Inflatable Penile Implant

Inflatable implants consist of two inflatable cylinders that are placed in the natural erection cavities of the penis, along with a pump and a reservoir of fluid that is implanted in the abdomen.

When you want an erection, you activate the pump to move fluid into the cylinders, causing them to inflate and create an erection. After intercourse, you can deflate the cylinders to return to a flaccid state.

An inflatable penile implant mimics flaccid and erect states

Malleable Penile Implant

Malleable (aka semi-rigid) implants are less complex and consist of two bendable rods that are placed in the penis.

You manually move the rods up and down to create an erection and they can be easily bent back into a flaccid position when not in use.

The malleable implant is a simple alternative which does not require inflating/deflating

Video: How does a penile implant work?

Video: What kinds of penile implants are available?

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The Benefits of Penile Implant Surgery

Would Penile Implant Surgery be suitable for me?

Would Penile Implant Surgery be suitable for me?

Penile Implant Surgery is for men who have not had success with other treatment options for Erectile Dysfunction, such as medication, injections, or vacuum devices. Additionally, men who have had their prostate removed due to cancer, and those with anatomical issues that make it difficult to achieve an erection, will benefit from this procedure.

It's important to discuss your specific circumstances with an experienced urological surgeon to determine if Penile Implant Surgery is right for you. In general, candidates for this procedure should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery.

What can I expect during Penile Implant Surgery?

What can I expect during Penile Implant Surgery?

Penile Implant Surgery is typically performed under general anaesthesia, with a single overnight stay. Recovery is 3 - 4 weeks and sex can be resumed after 4 - 6 weeks.

During the surgery, a small 3 - 4cm incision will be made either below or above the penis and the inflatable or malleable implants will be inserted. Your surgeon will provide you with detailed instructions for post-operative care and follow-up appointments to ensure that your recovery is smooth and successful.

Restore Urology and Penile Implant Surgery

Restore Urology are world class in technique and experience in performing Penile Implant Surgery.

Dr Christopher Love is the most experienced penile implant surgeon in Australia, and is one of only about 50 surgeons worldwide who regularly performs more than 75 penile implants per year.

He has developed his own technique for penile implant surgery, the Minimally-Invasive No-Touch (MINT) procedure, which has resulted in some of the lowest published infection rates for primary penile implant surgery in the world.

Dr Gideon Blecher is a highly specialised implant surgeon, having worked and trained for several years in some of the United Kingdom’s most reputable hospitals (University College London Hospitals, Guy’s and St Thomas’s Trust). He has broad experience in complex reconstructive and urological procedures, affording expert skill and knowledge when it comes to implant surgeries.

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Talk to One of Our Urological Surgeons

If you have Erectile Dysfunction and you’re considering Penile Implant surgery, it’s important to talk to an experienced urological surgeon who can help you understand the risks, benefits, and expected outcomes of the procedure.

By making an appointment with one of the surgeons at Restore Urology, together, we can work to determine if Penile Implant surgery is the right treatment option for you and help you achieve a healthy and fulfilling sex life.